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Offset printing services in Bushehr
Printing all kinds of paper papers in high circulation

Print all kinds of business cards

Business card is the most important tool to introduce your business and profession and is very effective in the eyes of the card recipient, so you must be very careful in printing and designing it. One of the best marketing products for business is definitely a business card and with its help you can share your company information. Also, printing special and creative cards shows the credibility and professionalism of your collection. Offers.

Business card printing: matte gloss, glossy gloss, matte cellophane, glossy cellophane, laminate, foundation

Printing letterheads and office papers

The office set shows the credibility of each institution or company. Office set is commonly used for business correspondence inside and outside the company, and it is considered as the first connection and lasting effect between companies and one of the most important marketing items, especially in small companies. The office starts with a letterhead, envelope and business card and can be extended to a paper shopping bag, which is a set of office papers, features the printing of office papers, uniform design in all products and uniform color printing And corporate identity, as well as its reasonable printing price. He mentioned the important elements of printing office sets: letterhead, envelope, business card, invoice. These items are effective as a marketing tool and promote brand identity.

Print catalogs and brochures

Indoor printing includes prints that are much higher quality than outdoor printing and are used indoors. Narenji Digital Printing House offers this type of printing in Bushehr.
Including: plot and laminate printing, backlight printing, poster printing, label printing, stand printing, chassis printing, spring frame printing, pop-up printing, etc.

Bag print

Your bag is being promoted and moved with your brand in the hands of your customers. Extensive uses of bags can be mentioned in companies, restaurants and fast foods, clothing brands, etc. bags are also used in public and private institutions and companies that need to introduce and provide their services in exhibitions, along with promotional gifts. Advantages of paper bags include print quality up to 5 colors, strength, reusability, providing additional services such as local UV, silver stamping, gilding and matte and glossy cellophane, and has a special advantage over other promotional bags.

The cardboard material of bags can be of the following types:

  • Kraft paper bag
  • Glossy cardboard bag
  • Cardboard bag